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TLDR: Hannah Rothstein is redefining art in the eyes of the Millennial Generation.

The Full Story:

Each generation has artists that speak for it. The Baby Boomers had Koons. The Silent Generation had Warhol. And the Millennials? Hannah Rothstein.

Published in The New York Times, TIME, The Guardian, Vogue Italia, and more, Rothstein is redefining art in the eyes of the Millennial Generation. Bridging both millennials' taste for irony-clad humor and their concerns regarding the world around them, Rothstein’s work spans a wide variety of topics, sentiments, and media.

Rothstein’s early works embrace Millennials’ pithy, playful approach to our cultural lexicon. Her oeuvres Thanksgiving Special, Dr. Dreidel, The Cocktail Hour Coloring Book, and Broga (now a book published with Sterling, Yoga for Bros) turn iconic and beloved aspects of pop culture on their heads. The works captured Millennials' lighthearted mindsets at the time, and went viral in the press and on social media.

But as sentiments have changed, so has Rothstein’s work. Rothstein’s more recent work reflects her generation’s anxiety about a future that feels increasingly unstable. Beginning with Mr. and Mrs. Politico Head, a project that questions if politicians are all the same underneath, and followed by the immensely popular National Parks 2050, which depicts a post-apocalyptic future brought on by climate change, Rothstein’s newest work gives voice to her generation’s concerns about keeping the fabric of society from fraying in the face of a rapidly changing world.

Rothstein has also observed how this all-encompassing change is affecting the world of art. Increasingly, people want to see art they can easily understand. They also eschew the alienating elitism of ivory-tower institutions. This in mind, Rothstein makes art that’s poignant, yet easy to relate to, and releases her work where people feel comfortable approaching it: online and via social media.  

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From its widespread success on the internet, Rothstein’s work also has made its way into more traditional art establishments, including numerous museums and galleries, thus changing the world of art from the bottom up.

See more of Rothstein’s work and process on Instagram (@HRothsteinArt) and help her create more art by supporting her on Patreon.




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